Lugano Now A Hub for Crypto Payments: Use Bitcoin to Buy Anything!

• The Plan ₿ foundation in Lugano, Switzerland recently announced a new map showcasing hundreds of merchants across the city that accept bitcoin. • The city made bitcoin a de-facto legal tender and hosted the Plan ₿ Summer School in July 2022 to educate people on bitcoin and businesses. • The Plan ₿ foundation also … Read more

Crypto Mining Industry: What We Can Learn From BlockFi and Celsius

• BlockFi and Celsius were two high-profile companies that combined crypto lending and crypto mining. • Both companies have since gone bankrupt, and hundreds of billions of dollars were incinerated. • The failure of these companies could provide valuable lessons for future entrepreneurs. Crypto is a rapidly growing industry and has become a major part … Read more

Crypto Lending Giants BlockFi and Celsius Fail After Combining Mining and Lending

• Two high-profile crypto lending companies, BlockFi and Celsius, both failed catastrophically in 2022 due to their combination of crypto lending and crypto mining. • BlockFi announced its new mining operations in May 2021 in the form of a partnership with Blockstream and its long-standing mining unit. • Celsius invested heavily in bitcoin mining, with … Read more

Samson Mow Promotes Bitcoin Adoption to Nation States

• Samson Mow, the CEO of JAN3 and former CSO of Blockstream, spoke at Feel The Bit in El Salvador and announced the Bitcoin Volcano Bonds. • President Bukele announced the creation of Bitcoin City and legally recognizing bitcoin as tender, effectively accelerating the timeline for bitcoin becoming a recognized currency on a national level. … Read more

Crypto Regulations on the Horizon: What You Need to Know

Bullet Points: • The U.S. Senate recently introduced the Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2022, which includes KYC laws and money-transmitter licensing requirements. • The European Central Bank recently revealed that Bitcoin is on an “artificially induced last gasp before the road to irrelevance” and is considering a Bitcoin and crypto ban to mitigate … Read more

Bitcoin Security: Is the Miner Revenue Sufficient?

• Bitcoin miners play a crucial role in securing the Bitcoin network by proposing blocks of transactions which nodes then verify, accept, and update to the Bitcoin ledger. • The concern is that the transaction fee portion of the miner rewards will not be raised enough to make up for the loss of the block … Read more