Grow Abundance in Your Backyard: How Urban Farming Changed My Life

• Erin started homesteading by accident when she and her boyfriend moved to the Bay Area looking for a place with a backyard.
• They came across a Craigslist ad posted by Novella Carpenter, an urban homesteader who wrote a book called “Farm City”.
• After meeting Novella and learning about her story, they decided to take the chance and rent from her for cheap, eventually starting their own urban farm.

Getting Started with Homesteading

Erin and her boyfriend started homesteading by accident when they were looking for a place to live in the San Francisco Bay Area. They came across an intriguing Craigslist ad that offered cheap rent if they would feed some chickens. After responding to this ad, they eventually found out that it was posted by Novella Carpenter — an urban homesteader who wrote the book “Farm City” — and decided to take the chance.

The Advantages of Urban Farming

Urban farming offers many unique advantages compared to traditional farming. It requires less land while still allowing people to grow food in their own backyard or even on rooftops. Additionally, it’s often more affordable than rural farming since there are no property taxes or other fees associated with owning land in the city. Finally, urban farmers can quickly adapt their practices based on changing weather conditions or customer demand since everything is so close at hand.

Paying it Forward

Erin learned from Novella how rewarding urban farming can be both financially and spiritually, so she has been paying it forward ever since by teaching kids about gardening through TikTok videos. She also hopes to inspire others who may not have access to farmland but still want to practice self-sufficiency and sustainable living within their city limits.

The Future of San Francisco

Urban farms have become increasingly popular in cities like San Francisco as people look for ways to produce local food sustainably without taking up too much space (or money). With more people getting into this type of lifestyle, Erin believes that cities will start seeing positive effects such as reduced pollution levels and healthier diets among residents — all thanks to these small-scale agricultural endeavors within city limits!

The Astrology of Bitcoin

In addition to being passionate about urban farming, Erin is also interested in astrology — particularly its connection with Bitcoin! She believes that astrological cycles can offer insight into market trends and help investors make better decisions about when (and when not) to buy or sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. According