Bitcoin Security: Is the Miner Revenue Sufficient?

• Bitcoin miners play a crucial role in securing the Bitcoin network by proposing blocks of transactions which nodes then verify, accept, and update to the Bitcoin ledger. • The concern is that the transaction fee portion of the miner rewards will not be raised enough to make up for the loss of the block … Read more

Korzystanie z dźwigni finansowej

Korzystanie z dźwigni finansowej jest niezwykle popularną formą inwestowania, która może znacząco zwiększyć zyski z inwestycji. Dźwignia finansowa to narzędzie, które oferuje inwestorowi możliwość wykorzystania niewielkiego wkładu własnego dla osiągnięcia znacznie większych zysków. W tym artykule omówimy, czym jest dźwignia finansowa, jak działa, jak można z niej skorzystać, i jakie są jej zalety i wady. … Read more

Bitcoin: The Lifeline for Oppressed Speech?

Bullet Points: – In 2022, the Canadian government attempted to freeze the bank accounts of protestors, leading to the use of Bitcoin as a way to skirt these restrictions. – Organizations like GoFundMe attempted to pass the money along to causes they aligned with, but ended up refunding the money after public outcry. – The … Read more

Send Money Quickly & Cost-Effectively with CoinCorner & Pouch

• CoinCorner has partnered with Pouch to enable global payments via the Lightning Network to the Philippines. • This Send Globally feature allows users to convert one fiat currency into bitcoin and then send it over the Lightning Network to be converted into another fiat currency. • The partnership enables users from Europe, the U.K. … Read more

Nigeria To Make Bitcoin Legal: Proposed Bill to Boost Crypto Adoption

• A bill to make the usage of bitcoin and cryptocurrency legal in Nigeria has been proposed by Babangida Ibrahim, chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Capital Market and Institutions of Nigeria. • The proposed bill would amend the 2007 Investments and Securities Act, recognizing bitcoin as legal capital for investment. • If … Read more

Secure Your Financial Future With Bitcoin: A 21st Century Hedge!

• Bitcoin is a form of digital money that is decentralized, meaning that it can’t be taken away from you by a government or corporation. • Bitcoin is a 21st century hedge against inflation and money printing. • Bitcoin is a provably scarce digital asset that is backed by a wall of encrypted real world … Read more

Comment vérifier un compte Bitcoin Digital individuel ?

Mon compte est-il déjà vérifié ? Lorsque vous créez un compte sur Bitcoin Digital, votre compte est automatiquement vérifié au niveau Basic, ce qui signifie que vous pourrez : de déposer et retirer la plupart des crypto-monnaies listées sur Bitcoin Digital ; effectuer des opérations d’échange ; d’accéder au marché de gré à gré (OTC) … Read more

Bitcoin-gesicherte Kredite von BitQT

Bitcoin-gesicherte Kredite von BitQT Der verlockendste Aspekt der Bitcoin-gesicherten Kredite von BitQT ist, dass es sich um eine schnelle und bequeme Möglichkeit handelt, einen Kredit zu erhalten, ohne dass Sie Ihre Bitcoin-Bestände verkaufen müssen. Mehrere Vorteile machen diesen Kredit so lukrativ. Erstens: Da Sie Ihre Bitcoins nicht verkaufen müssen, können Sie den gesamten Wertzuwachs Ihrer … Read more